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Sciatic is a common injury that we as Chiropractors diagnose and treat,  

We offer the latest and most effective treatment options for the management of a bludged or slipped disc. Treatments are safe, effective and based on the best available research. Our conservative care involves traction, muscle treatments, spinal mobility and direct treatments aimed at reducing the degree and inflammation associated with a slipped disc. Further to your acute treatment, we focus on the long-term prevention of repeated slipped disc injuries and treatments to minimise the degenerative cascade that is intimately linked to an initial slipped disc injury.
Our slipped disc protocols aim to enhance stability, strength and posture, thus ensuring your acute disc injury doesn’t turn chronic.

Before considering surgery or any other forms of treatment its best to place yourself with chiropractors that have special interest slipped disc treatment and dedicate much of their clinical practice towards it. We tailor specific, individualised, and evidence based treatment plans that are condition specific for your  injury.

Are there warning signs to a slipped disc?


We take the time to educate our patients on the waring signs of back injuries. By doing this our chiropractors present a unique window where precautions may be taken to reduce the likelihood of a slipped disc. Over 40% of people with low back pain have lumbar internal disc disruption (weakness to the intervertebral disc). This weakness or disruption can lead to a disc protrusion, bulge or herniation. Irritation of the disc presents as chronic low back pain, pain may radiate into the groin and anterior hip. These are the conditions and symptoms we tell our patients to watch out for. When a disc protrusion or slipped disc does occur the back pain is usually more severe then there was with the initial disc pain due to the disc disruption. A slipped disc causes increased pain with bending and this pain may radiate into or down the leg, knee and foot.

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