​​Treatment Philosophy 


We effectively manage many of the problems that occur to the back, neck and other areas to the body.  I have had good success over many years because of my experience and proven approach to treatment.


1. Reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain with soft tissue work, trigger-point therapy or dry needling. 


2. Normalise joint function with specific Chiropractic adjustments and mobilisation techniques to areas of restricted movement in the joints, with the aim of increasing movement, improving the function and reducing pain.


3. Rehabilitation exercise program. When appropriate we introduce exercises to improve strength, endurance and stability. We also work on improving your balance and your sense of joint position (proprioception).

This approach may help you to return to normal and also prevent new injuries.


Listed below are some more specific areas of care that I have enjoyed treating over the years, I have found that the majority of my new clients are referred by friends and family because of the results that they get with this proven approach.


Sciatica can be caused by an any number of injury's to the back, arthritis, poor posture ergonomics, poor sleep positioning or a slipped disc. The result is a pressure on the nerve that results in shooting pain.  


Chiropractic care commonly treats sciatica and may achieve excellent results in many cases.


We are trained to identify any number of causes of sciatic nerve problem, and treatment regimes will vary depending on severity and lifestyle.


Headaches are a very common reason why people visit Chiropractors.


There are often many causes of headaches and these may include the neck, joints and muscles. We often look at the triggers of headaches including diet, exercise, water consumption, sleeping posture, ergonomics (or work posture), jaw or TMJ problems, eye and vision problems, sinus issues and your stress levels.


There can also be more sinister causes of headaches and these need to be excluded before your Chiropractor will proceed. Further testing may be required such as X-Rays, CT-Scans or MRI Scans. Treatment involves relieving the symptoms and addressing the causes of the headaches. 

Sports Injuries 

We effectively manage many of the problems that caused from sporting injuries.

Over the many years many families and professional athletes have come to trust my guidance for injury recovery and advice on how to return to sport safely.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is one of the most important times for a woman to be under Chiropractic care.

From the moment of conception, your body changes dramatically. Some changes are easy to spot: a growing belly, change in posture, change to walking – that characteristic pregnant “waddle’. Other changes are less easy to spot.


Care is modified and is designed to allow the changing body to adapt to the physical strains of the increased weight.  


We all notice poor posture. When we see someone slouching, or walking awkwardly.  

A common posture problem is a forward tilt of the pelvis. This can lead to chronic lower back pain, muscle pain, sciatica, leg weakness, lower extremity circulation problems and much more,  The abnormal spinal weight bearing associated with this type of posture can lead to premature spinal arthritis of the joints and discs.

So not only does poor posture look bad but it can have serious affects on your health long term.

Chiropractors are experts at checking and offering practical advice to over come this issues


Children's Spinal Checks

Children and Teenagers are prone to spinal problems as well.  Most enquires come from Parents who notice that their child has movement patterns that don't seem to be easy for their child. 


Some examples of family care I have assisted with over the years are young infants who have had difficultly turning their heads to feed, older children may have restriction in shoulders and low backs when playing sports, they notice they don't feel as strong when kicking or using their arms.


Treatment for children is modified, I enjoy engaging the children with their care. I have learnt this as a practitioner and as a Mother.