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Thank you to all our patients for your support and cooperation with our onsite health and safety protocols.


We are excited, like you at the re-opening of NSW, and look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces in our clinics over the coming months.


At Stanmore Chiropractic we have traversed the lockdown period without incident, thanks to these exemplary protocols!


So even though we are exiting ‘lockdown’, all these precautions which have kept us all so safe, will largely continue unchanged, and we look forward to the same support and cooperation you have shown so far.


We will continue to stay abreast of all COVID-19 updates and remain compliant with all public health orders, making changes only as and when needs be.


It is our hope, that like our team, our patients and their families and friends, will continue to comply with all NSW Health advice – as we all know, now is not the time for complacency!

Hygiene and Procedures

  • Please continue to wear a face mask upon entry

  • Please Check in with the NSW Covid Safe App on arrival 

  • Please disinfect your hands after checking in

  • I have the the clinic door open to increase airflow.

  • I disinfect of all communal surfaces regularly

  • I disinfect the treatment table, chair and contact surfaces between each person

  • I am wearing a mask as I am within the 1.5m recommended distance

  • Please Maintain your 1.5m social distance at all times, when in our common (non-treatment) areas.

  • I use a new towel for each person, air-dried and washed in bleach at 90C

  • I am keeping appointments on time, exercise programs sent to your email after appointment to reduce time in the clinic

  • If I can ask everyone to arrive on time, I have spaced out appointment times so that I will remain punctual.  

  • If you choose to seat in the reception room, they are being cleaned regularly, if not, please remain standing.

  • I ask that you bring as few possessions as possible into the clinic, healthcare card, EFTPOS or credit card and house /car keys. I will ask you to place these on a tissue on the shelves in the treatment room.  

  • I will ask that you keep your shoes on to minimise having to use the chair in the treatment room if possible please remove your belts and jewelry before coming into the clinic.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Medicare Financial Assistance

If you are having financial difficulty during this time, please be aware you can request a Medicare treatment plan to assist with partial payment for 5 sessions from your GP.   This will need to be completed prior to your appointment.

Your health and safety has always been my priority and will continue to be so. With all these new changes, rest assured I do actually look forward to seeing you.

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